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HelpDesk - Web Project SMTP / Mail()

Since HelpDesk 1.9 each Web Project can have his own SMTP connection. Web project A will receive and send emails from address A, Web project B will receive and send emails from the email address B.You can ...

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Problem with client feedback form

Hi.I did all SMTP configuration using gmail and it worked perfectly the test. In attendance history sending conversations to my email and will perfectly.The problem is when the customer leaves the chat and ...

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Operator Email Tickets

Hello, I have bought your theme from CodeCanyon and I would need some help with somehting. When there is a new ticket created on a Operator, the specific Operator dosen't get a email. I have added a client ...

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Error mail Email Piping

Hi there,I was wondering, i'm getting by each new ticket a error mail with the subject Email Piping.The error text is dutch but it's the a10 lang row.The system works i think because i see the new tickets.You ...

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