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HelpDesk - Change Logos

Change images and logo is quite simple you only need to replace the graphics with your own.You will find the graphics on following locations:img/ico (all the ...

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Logo, Template and File Structure

This article will explain how to change the logo, add a new template or simply remove the copyright link back to our site.The file structure is as with all our software logical, that means the name of the ...

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Customise Cloud Desk 3

When you purchase Cloud Desk 3 we provide everything you need, but of course you will make it look like it is your own. We have made it very simple for you to change text and images within CD3.The language ...

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Change favicon and logo

Coud you please tell me how to change favicon and logo?I know in the frontend can change logo but I have tried that and no succes.Thanks.

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Logo and IE 8 & 10

Hello,1) I have found that when using IE 10 on windows 10 that errors appear, for example sometimes when you logout from an operator console some times a browser error appears, for example (this page can not ...

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email logo

Good Morning,Could you possible tell me where I can change the logo on the emails, and could you also tell me how to edit the email footer?ThanksMark

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