Cloud Chat 3

Cloud Chat 3 - Fully SaaS Start your own Live Chat Business Run your own live chat hosted server. ...

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LCPS 1.0.2

We are proud to release Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.2, great improvements in design, speed and usuability.The client administration panel has received the new features you have requested. It will now show the ...

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Installation - Cloud Chat 3

Please make sure your server meets the minimum requirements. Self installation is not difficlut as long as you follow the manual carefully, we also offer an installation serivce it can be purchased in our shop ...

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Mobile Apps - Cloud Chat 3

Cloud Chat 3 has been build and designed for mobile devices, therefore you don't need a native application as it works perfect without.However native mobile apps for iOS and Android are now available, read ...

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Push Notifications via Pushover

With the latest release of Live Chat, Live Chat PHP Server and HelpDesk we have integrated push notifications via Pushover. Pushover has like us a very fair pricing policy, they want 5 USD one time fee and ...

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CC3 - How it works for the client

How does it work in Cloud Chat 3 for the client side?For all our CC3 license holder remember all is included from the sign up form for the client to the single operator server to the complete administration ...

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