CMS 1.5

CMS 1.5 is now available, major improvements and a lot of bug fixes. As we grow quick, support questions, suggestions and feedback coming in on a daily base and of course we want to give you the best ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 4.0.5

We are happy to announce another great update for HelpDesk 3, it is now available in Version 4.0.5. As always update as soon as possible to benefit from the newest features and bug fixes.There is a new feature ...

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Translate HelpDesk 3

Before HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6HelpDesk 3 is fully multilanguage capable. The translation is easy and can be done right on the client side.As an operator with access to Answers/Text or as a super operator you ...

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Change Language after Installation

Our software will install by standard in English. After the installation you can of course change the language to the one you like, for that following steps are necessary. Make sure your language is ...

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language problem

Hello,Your script can not load language file. all the links are empty bu it can clickable. Please help me.Thanks

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Spanish Language

Hi there I was trying to change Language in the settings section but Spanish Language is not available, how can I set it to Spanish?

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How To change the language of live chat

Hey i i am supposed to change the language of the live chat ? i use helpdesk .my backend is in english but the live chat messages and alers come in german i guess

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