Become an affiliate

How the affiliate program worksSend traffic to any page on JAKWEB while adding your affiliate account id to the end of the URL.First you will need an account in our affiliate program. You will need to sign up ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0

It is finally FINAL. Cloud Desk 3 is now available and ready to change the way how SaaS should be. Create your own professional HelpDesk / Live Chat / Client Management business with Cloud Desk 3. Cloud Desk ...

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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021Another Year passed again for some a really crazy Year and for others not. Like every Year something special happened and we all know what it was in 2020.But what is it ...

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Your opinion matters!

Hello dear Jakweb users, today we want to ask you for your opinion! What features would you like for our software products? Do you need more Wordpress support? Are ...

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What OpenAI says about JAKWEB

JAKWEB is a Swiss company that provides live chat software for businesses. Their software allows website visitors to communicate with customer service representatives in real-time, through a chat interface. ...

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License Verification

We get quite a few questions about license verification. Please make sure you have your license ready when installing our software.Sometimes you enter the correct license code and username but you will be ...

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JAKWEB HelpDesk Bridge Pluign on different domain

Hi Support,If I have my wordpress and helpdesk softwware on different domain and Server, can we still use this JAKWEB HelpDesk Bridge plugin?

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