Live Chat 3.0.4

Today is a great day! With the release of Live Chat 3.0.4 we also release the official Android Native App that works together with your very own Live Chat 3 installation.We have spent the last couple of Months ...

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Upload Buttons / SlideUp Images LC3

In Live Chat 3 you can upload live chat buttons and slide up images easily from your operator panel - buttons. Please make sure that permissions are set correctly for the folder files and the folders ...

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Customize Cloud Chat 3

When you purchase CloudChat 3 for sure you like to make it individual to suit your business. We have made it very simple for you to change text and images within CC3.The complete dashboard text is set via one ...

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Ticket attachments

How to share files and images in HelpDesk 3 is fairly easy and can be done without posting an answer. File sharing the right way.

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Images on ticket not being displayed for admin

Hi,Images are not being displayed on tickets to admins but they are being displayed to customers.Regards,

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