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Community Forum

We are proud to announce the opening of our community forum. Why a community forum? Because you have asked for it many times.Because we have so many freebies and our famous open source CMS you can now share ...

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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021Another Year passed again for some a really crazy Year and for others not. Like every Year something special happened and we all know what it was in 2020.But what is it ...

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User manual please!

I have no coding knowledge and need too much help because there is no user manual of the software, how to use each of the plugins and modifications. Example, I dont know how to set the blog as the home ...

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Online Chat / HelpDesk

Hello Jerome,Soon we will launch our project that supports the disclosure of missing children, so it is very important to solve these problems:1 - The operator is online but mesagem says that is not online.2 - ...

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Live chat doesn't works

Hi Jerome,I found this product in CodeCanyon. It looks pretty cool and suitable with what we need for our company so I bought it.Unfortunatly, after installed, everything works well but the live chat system. ...

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Help Button / Link

HelloCould you let me know which file is include the help redirect link into admin area menu neav bar as i would like to change the redirection link from www.jakweb.com to my personal one.thanks

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Missing text areas on front end and backend

We have installed your system on our site http://lextel.pl/sos/Both on frontend and backend of system we have issues with text areas - they dont appear…try here on new ticket site: ...

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Random department

Minha empresa tem vários atendentes, então eu criei um departamento para cada um dos atendentes, por isso é exibido no chat para os departamentos departamentos com o nome dos atendentes, mas eu preciso ...

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