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Scafoo - Restaurant and Bar Guide

We pleased to announce that Scafoo - The restaurant and bar guide is powered by JAKWEB technology and has more than 1'000'000 Restaurants and Bars around the globe.Over the last five years JAKWEB software has ...

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We are happy to officially announce the availablity of Gustos. The one and only Restaurant and Bar Guide for Switzerland.The development of Gustos has been started over 2 Years ago and after testing the ...

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Installation Guide

Live Chat is fairly easy to install, however if you don't follow the instructions carefully it won't work!The whole software is quite complex to serve all kind of servers, client browsers and cross domain ajax ...

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CMS installation guide

Hi Jérome,How are you ?I come to you to know if you can give me a pdf or link to have a documentation for the CMS Script to work correctlyI have see the script is verry good, i think if i have documentation i ...

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