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Installation Service

Installation ServicePlease fill out the form below, so we can install the software for you. Should you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask in your installation service ticket.

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Contact Form Builder

CMS has a build in contact form builder, create as many contact forms you like and link one to any page. The form builder can have unlimited fields even file upload is possible.You can create input, radio, ...

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CloudDesk 3 - SignUp Page

CloudDesk 3 signup form explained in the front end back end. How does it look like:What you need to editAfter purchasing and installing CloudDesk 3 on your server you will need to edit a few things on the ...

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CloudChat 3 - Old SignUp Form

We get asked a lot how to put the signup form on a different page or your own website. That is fairly easy and you will need following code and one javascript file on your page.<h2 ...

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Cloud Chat 3 - SignUp Form

With the release of Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.5 we have build in the new sign up form. The landing and signup form is located in your root directory and it is called index.html.You can of course implement the ...

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contact form

Hello, contact form not send messages to email. Godaddy hosting-domain registrar different.Regards

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