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Live Chat Business 1.4

We are happy to announce the release of Live Chat Business 1.4, great new features and many things have been improved.Button WizardYou can forward clients to certain pages now. The brand new button wizard will ...

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Button Wizard

The new button code wizard is available since version 1.4. It is super easy to use and will create your button embed code in no time.Before Live Chat Business 2.0 Please always copy the one stylesheet right ...

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Embed Support / FAQ

With HelpDesk 3 you cannot only add a live chat button to your website (outside HelpDesk) you can also embed (add) the support and or faq area to your website.Go to your operator panel - chat widget (<>) ...

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Pre Set FAQ or Support Category when Embed

With the release of HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.5.5 you can now set a category ID within the FAQ and Support embed code.The embed code has received a new var called catID.w.lcjUrl = u; w.catID = '';Now you can set ...

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Group Chat - Embed

We often get asked how to embed the group chat into your own website. Yes, that this possible with an iframe but we do recommend to use the group chat button which will open the chat in a new tap or window.The ...

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