HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6

Welcome to HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6 - New age for our Support Software4 Month in the making and a complete make over, 80% of the files have been changed, a modern design with easy to use features. But we did ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 4.0.4

Thank you very much for all the feedback we have received over the last couple of weeks. HelpDesk 3 is now available in Version 4.0.4. As always update as soon as possible to benefit from the newest features ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.1.1

Fast, faster, GTI. The new Cloud Desk 3 in Version 2.1.1 is now available. With many new features and a lot of performance improvements.Important we dropped support for PHP 7, you will need to have at least ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 4.2.1

Great news, HelpDesk 3 is now available in Version 4.2.1. One of the longest pause between two releases and we are happy to announce the new version with following changes.Changelog Improved ChatGPT ...

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Advanced Editor Ace

With the new release of 1.6 a new option for creating content will be available. Should you be familiar with HTML and CSS why using the build in editor tinyMCE and life with the limits it comes with. Since 1.6 ...

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Change Text/Layout in HelpDesk

HelpDesk has a build in content management system, it allows you to change the text and layout via operator console, your web browser.Please login into your operator panel and go to Settings - Front Text. ...

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Page editor

Hi, i have just installed CMS, all works good, when i try to edit a page the edittor doesnt get all the functios, all i get is the page coding, ckeditor doesnd load or is not exist, Couuld you help my out ...

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Slider editing

Hi, I am traying to edit the writing in home page slider,All i could is to re write the 1st image lines, in editor, admin/ below header/ home slider/ but after that there is no option to scrool to the second ...

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HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

Hi, I updated from HelpDesk 1.8.x to 1.9 using the auto updater. I also edited the db.php accordingly and made an htaccess file. Today I wanted to change the text on a page, and I navigated to ...

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