HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.0.2

It is time to release a new version for HelpDesk 3 with two new features plus all bugs that have been reported or found have been fixed.Requested from almost all our customers is a analog sorting option for ...

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Cloud Chat 3 / Version 2.0

Sunshine and 8 degrees celsius. Happy Day! We are proud to announce the availability of Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.0! It has been hard work for the last 3 Month but it was absolutely worth it.It has now never ...

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Web Projects - Departments

We get often asked how HelpDesk can handle unlimited web projects with one installation, it is fairly simple but you need to follow some rules.Web ProjectsWeb projects are basically your different websites, ...

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operators and departments

how do i make sure my operators from one department don't see the operators in a differnt deptright now they can see everyone and transfer chat to themi want to seperate each dept and their operators

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