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Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is in alpha, news are exciting however it is still a long time to go till the final release. We have downloaded the first alpha version and we can't wait to build our first software for you on ...

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Slide Out Box

Our goal today is to create a slide out box with either jQuery or plain Javascript. We need a div with two sub div's a little bit of css and Javascript or jQuery for the click event, with hover you could ...

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Compress HTML, Javascript and CSS Code

We have added three more tools to our SEO and web tools page. You can now compress HTML, CSS and Javascript files with our online tool.Direct links to this tools: HTML Compressor Javascript Minifier ...

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CSS Conflict

Just an FYI...In my main css I had the following lines./* * animation helper */.animated{ visibility: hidden;}.visible{ visibility: visible;}This conflicts with the live chat working on the page. All is fine ...

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