Copyrights and Backlinks

We get often asked if backlinks and copyrights can be removed with our license and YES you can remove it when you have purchased a copyright free license.All our code is not encrypted and can be modified, but ...

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Copyright Link

Article expired!!!After so many requests that our licenses are too expensive we changed our strategy. All our licenses are now available for a very reasonable price but will have a back link to our site and ...

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Login Style and Navbar

With the new design for the HelpDesk 3 Operator panel we have made a great new and modern login design. In this article we describe how you can change certain things to make it personal.Operator Login ...

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Change or Remove Copyright

How to change or remove the visible copyright notice in Cloud Desk 3.First of all please read carefully our license agreement if you not have already.To remove the visible copyright notice in the operater, ...

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