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Feel free to contact us by the contact form at any time, we usually respond in less then 24 hours.JAKWEB / Switzerland Hch.Bosshardstrasse 26 / 8352 Elsau Phone: +41 (0)77 814 07 57 Email: info[at]jakweb.ch ...

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Contact Form Builder

CMS has a build in contact form builder, create as many contact forms you like and link one to any page. The form builder can have unlimited fields even file upload is possible.You can create input, radio, ...

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WhatsApp Chat Feature

With the new release of HelpDesk 3, Live Chat 3 and Cloud Chat 3 we have build in WhatsApp Chat. This gives you a whole new possibility to let your customer connect with you by WhatsApp by not knowing your ...

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contact form

Hello, contact form not send messages to email. Godaddy hosting-domain registrar different.Regards

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Contact history unsaved data

Hello Jérôme, unfortunately the dates of historical contact and chat are not ...

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