Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications is on his way and will be available soon on all browsers. At the moment you can have desktop notifications on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9I have been playing around with it for a while ...

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Internet Explorer is dead!Probably not but at least it is not popular anymore. For almost 20 Years it ruled the world wide web and made the job as a web developer a nightmare. 20 Years is a very long ...

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Responsive Mobile Browser Test

Every web developer today will have to make sure that the website he builds is 100% mobile browser ready. With many CSS frameworks available like Bootstrap it is easy to build fully responsive websites, ...

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SameSite Cookie Error

The new cookie law is already set on certain browsers but don't worry our software is up to date and ready for it.However there are certain servers that are not ready for the new cookie law. Should your chat ...

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