Responsive Mobile Browser Test

Every web developer today will have to make sure that the website he builds is 100% mobile browser ready. With many CSS frameworks available like Bootstrap it is easy to build fully responsive websites, ...

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New Release for CD3/CC3

We have just released a new version for Cloud Desk 3 and Cloud Chat 3. First we want to say thank you for all reports we have received over our summer time. Without you it is not possible to continuously ...

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Safari - Cross Site Tracking

We have released an emergency update for our products. Apple has published a new version of their browser and with this release they block everything what is not from the website itself.The browser has just ...

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Cloud Chat 3 - Version 3.1

The brand new installation wizard is finally here for Cloud Chat 3. After receiving more and more support request we have completeley redesigned the installation wizard and have closely worked with a couple of ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.1

The brand new installation wizard is now also available for Cloud Desk 3. The installation is now very simple and should not cause any more problems.Checkout the new installation video we have made for Cloud ...

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WebSocket - Browser Compatibility

Live Chat Websocket supports the latest standard called RFC 6455. Following browser supports WebSockets today.Internet ExplorerSafariFirefoxChromeIOSAndroidBlack BerryOpera10+6+11+16+6+4.4+7+12.10+All modern ...

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