LiveChat 3 / WordPress User Bridge

WordPress plugin to connect the operators with Live Chat 3. Free for all Live Chat 3 license holder. Latest Version 1.1

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WordPress - HelpDesk Bridge

This is a WordPress plugin that shares the user database from WordPress with HelpDesk, it will create clients automatically in HelpDesk and will log them in as well.Operator can be synchronised with HelpDesk ...

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WordPress - LiveChat Bridge

This is a WordPress plugin that shares the user database from WordPress with LiveChat, you can synchronise operators from WordPress to LiveChat with a click.Operator can share the login details with LiveChat ...

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HelpDesk 3 - WordPress Plugin

Happy Day for all WordPress Users, we have just released a new plugin for HelpDesk 3 and WordPress. The plugin has been rebuild completely and many new features have been added: User Synchronisation ...

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API Client Main Site

With the release of HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.1 we have added a new feature in the include/db.php file (Please update this file as well).When using the build in API in HelpDesk 3 you might want to have a ...

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WordPress with Bridge

HelloI just want to understand how this is going to install in wordpress. Is it simlply installing the regular version and the bridge will give access to WP?What is the benifit to having it connect? Does it ...

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JAKWEB HelpDesk Bridge Pluign on different domain

Hi Support,If I have my wordpress and helpdesk softwware on different domain and Server, can we still use this JAKWEB HelpDesk Bridge plugin?

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Chat Business - WordPress Plugin

Your LiveChat prefix is invalid or LiveChat has not been installed yet.So what the purpose of this plugin?Does it mean I can make my subscribers as operators?How do I install the DB correctly to make sure it ...

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