Support Tickets - Sorting tickets does not work

Sorting tickets does not work

HelpDesk 3 11.10.2017 2776 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

In HelpDesk 3 the four ticket status buttons in the top doesn't work. 

Clicking on "Open tickets" or "Awaiting answer" etc does not update the supportlist. 

It seams to be functionality you have made, as they have code like this:

Open Tickets

Further more I need to be able to choose what department to show. Like a drop down that let me chooses to see all tickets from for instance "Support department", "Sales department", "Projects department" etc

Now need to look through all tickets in the system, and not being able to choose only "Sales department". 

Any solution for this?

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  • avatar Netthandel

    In the HelpDesk 2 this works. Both the "Open tickets" etc, and choosing a department.

    11.10.2017 2
  • avatar Jerome

    The buttons are to change the status for the selected tickets (mass changing).

    Each row in the table can be sorted up or down plus you can search live. That should be more than a fixed sorting.

    11.10.2017 0
  • avatar Netthandel

    No, I am not talking about the buttons on the right. I am talking about the 4 boxes/ buttons on the very top. Those who sums up how many tickets are open etc.

    In HD2 I can also choose department. In HD3 I can not see how.

    11.10.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    We have made you an illustration:

    Hope that clears things out. With the sorting option you have in HelpDesk 3 plus the live search it is way ahead of HelpDesk 2.

    11.10.2017 0