Support Tickets - Upgrade from Helpdesk 3 Gold from Silver

Upgrade from Helpdesk 3 Gold from Silver

HelpDesk 3 02.10.2017 2806 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

How do I upgrade from Silver til Gold HelpDesk 3?

I installed the Silver when it came, and want to install the Gold now with the new release. There are no instructions. Is it only to overwrite the old files? Or should I run the install.php also?

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your ticket.

    Please read the announcement:

    When you download the complete package from our download area you will find a folder called "gold_release", this are all the changed files from Silver to Gold. You will also need to run the install/helpdesk3_gold.php file in your browser to make the database changes. Enjoy

    Thank you.

    02.10.2017 0
  • avatar Netthandel

    Thank you. 

    I just looked into the documentation that followed the download. 

    Will follow the upgrade described in the announcement. 

    02.10.2017 0