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Cloud Chat 3 29.09.2017 2513 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes buildandpublish


Please can you tell me if I am reading the rates set by you correctly.

1) Renewal of support for cloud chat 3 $49 for 3 months.

2) 1x Install $39 ? 

Does the install include the advanced as well as the main?

I don't know which one to do because my website has gone very wrong, so please can you advise me on this?

Thank you

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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    We have a very detailed technical support sheet that explains what is included in support and what is not, please read it carefully:

    The installation service will include one installation on your server including:

    • One Database creation
    • Software folder and file uploads on a location of your choice
    • Installation of the chosen software
    • Placing one embed code to a website of your choice
    • Testing

    Please note: if any of the points above are not used there is no access to other stuff or a discount.

    Installation or update service does not include:

    • Custom modifications
    • Support
    • Replacing any custom modifications that has been done before the update

    Update Service for Cloud Chat 3 will include the administration panel and the Cloud Chat 3 Chat.

    More information and to purchase the installation service please visit our shop:

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  • avatar buildandpublish


    Install service

    1) With the install service for $39 is it possiable you could use the databases which was needed to keep clients?

    2) Will you test that everything works, ie, (login works) ?

    Support renewal

    1) Can you please confirm the price for 3 months help desk suppot does infact cost £49.99? I am going on holiday tomorrow so I will be buying the install service, or do I pay for the update service for you to fix the current issues?

    Thank you in advance.

    29.09.2017 0
  • avatar buildandpublish


    It will be a new install, can it be completed today If I pay today for peace of mind while I am holiday?

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  • avatar buildandpublish


    The fresh install, does that cost $39?

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  • avatar Jerome

    Please read my post above what is included and what is not.

    Fresh Cloud Chat 3 installation 79 USD.

    The update service is 49 USD at this moment.

    Not included is fixing any bugs of your custom modifications that can be done under custom work. 1h is 50 USD.

    Support has been disabled at this Moment as we will swap to HelpDesk 3 soon.

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  • avatar Jerome

    New Support Area is now online.

    Thank you very much.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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