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Regarding the chat widget on mobile devices - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - opening a chat session in a new tab is a VERY BAD user experience.  We worked with Zendesk last year to test new chat applications and we found that 90% of all users on mobile phones do not know how to switch tabs or close tabs on their mobile browser.  Zendesk,, Freshdesk and others all use a pop-up window that has a Minimize [_] or Close [X] button; NONE of the major chat operators use a new tab because customers complain that they do not know how to get back to the website. Please please please change this.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your value feedback.

    We have done the same with our customers and we have already over 5000 live chat customers and the majority want to have a new tab. Interesting that all others you mentioned above want to have a slide up. Please note that a pop up will always open in a new tab on mobile browsers due the small screen.

    We will add an option within the next release to choose for slide up or pop up (new tab).

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  • avatar mgoetze

    thank you.

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