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Bugs and questions for Help Desk3

HelpDesk 3 26.09.2017 2833 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes mgoetze

We have installed HelpDesk 3 here: Https://

We have been testing for 3 hours and have some "possible" bugs to report and we have a few questions:

Bug reports


  1. There is no option to open a ticket as a guest in the client portal
  2. If you search in the client portal you get an error "requested document cannot be found"
  3. Operator automatically goes online when you click through the menus in the control panel, even after setting themselves offline
  4. Inside Operator panel, click FAQ, New FAQ article.  Enter info and click save.   Error, too many redirects, try clearing cookies
  5. Cannot create Support responses.  After clicking save it says "no data has been changed"
  6. Go to FAQ Categories. In the "Add category window" enter info.  Click Save.   It does NOT add an FAQ category, rather it creates a new Support department
  7. If you delete a Support department and then create a new department, the number of new department will skip the number of the deleted department.
  8. I purchased a copyright free license, but there is HelpDesk 3 branding and backlink everywhere on the client
  9. Online visitors do not show on map.
  10. There is no Close ( X ) or minimize ( _ ) button on mobile chat widget. After or during chat there is no way to return to the website without closing the browser tab
  11. When you are chatting with a customer in the operator panel, the text entry box resize does not work properly. After a bit of fuss you can make the box bigger, but it covers up the conversation.
  12. When you approve a user to Upload files the upload file(s) link covers the text entry in the customer chat window
  13. In the chat widget, when you click the little pencil icon to edit your info, if you left your email blank before the chat session starts it will say "Not Set" .  It should say "Email" in lighter font showing it hasn’t been entered.
  14. When the operator ends the chat session:
  15. the customer is not notified the session has ended until a page refresh occurs
  16. Even though the session has ended the top of the chat windows still says "You are now connected with Operator"
  17. If the user tries to chat in the same window it says "Session has expired" and sends them back to the contact form.  Most chat programs will allow the customer to keep chatting and alert the operator.
In the chat window it says "Your are now chatting…"  it should say "You are now chatting…"After you end a chat and then start a new chat none of your info is saved. 


  1. If you want to create a ticket manually, it appears that you have to create a client first, and then you can go and create the ticket. Is that correct?
  2. On chat widget, how do we change the width of the entire window when open?
  3. Would it be possible to add hover over labels to the icons in the chat window.  What does the pencil mean, what does the power button do, etc.
  4. How do we embed a ticket form into a webpage?   We are trying to recreate this form with HelpDesk3
  5. How can we embed an FAQs form into our webpage.. Similar to what we have here:
  6. Is there a way to see what the customer is typing as they type in the chat window ?
  7. In the chat windows if you do not enter your name or your message there is a red underline below the missing data. This is very subtle and may be missed by customers.  Would it be possible to show an error message and/or perhaps highlight the entire area of missing data?
  8. How do we edit the text on the main helpdesk page (client portal)
  9. How do we change the header and the footer of the emails : logo, copyright, etc.

Replies (5)

  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your ticket, we will go through and check each point fix what is wrong and get back to you asap.

    We are adding FAQ articles frequently, please check:

    Thank you.

    26.09.2017 2
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your detailed Bug report:

    1. Has been added in the Gold Release
    2. Confirmed and fixed when not running HelpDesk 3 in ReWrite Mode
    3. Cannot confirm
    4. Confirmed and fixed also happens in Blog
    5. Confirmed and fixed
    6. Confirmed and fixed
    7. That is correct because it is the ID of the Database
    8. Please read the FAQ article here: we do not send copyright free software to our clients.
    9. Cannot confirm. Please note that if your IP cannot be resolved to a location it won't show on the map.
    10. In mobile browsers the chat will open in a new tab to not cover the complete website, simply switch between tabs.
    11. Sorry I don't understand this.
    12. Confirmed and fixed, happens in the slide up chats.
    13. Not set is correct as it is not set
    14. If an operator ends a chat in most cases there is a reason for it. That means the client should not be able to spam the operator again.
    15. Language typo fixed in lang/en.php
    26.09.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    For your questions:

    1. That is correct, if there is no client set you cannot create a ticket.
    2. You will need to modify the css in package/standard/css/style.css (460px)
    3. Of course you can do that.
    4. Will be available in Gold
    5. Will be available in Gold
    6. That feature is not available at this moment
    7. Thank you for your suggestion we received no other complains about this so far.
    8. You cannot edit the main ticket message at this moment. We will see if we have that ready in Gold.
    9. You will need to edit the email template: template/email/index.html

    Have a great evening.

    26.09.2017 0
    • avatar mgoetze


      When you say "fixed" do we need to wait for the gold release, or how do we get the "fixed files"?

      I have a few other items to discuss, I will open separate tickets for each item.

      28.09.2017 2
  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning.

    You can download HelpDesk 3 again from our download area and replace all files or wait for the Gold release wich will have a folder with the changed files only.

    Thank you.

    28.09.2017 0