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Chat email script

Live Chat 3 20.07.2017 2132 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes rjvandieperbeek

Hi Jerome,

When client ask for chat email script and when you recieve it. Somethings are not in there. For example customers change a lot of pages from your website or you redirect them in your page.

When customer ask for caht email script those things are not mention in the chat email script. If you want I can send the screenshot of consersation and chat email script. Maby you have an explanation.


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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    the visitor does not need to see that only the operator will have this information.

    20.07.2017 0
  • avatar rjvandieperbeek

    Damn your fast!!!!! Yes that's true!!! Thanks Jerome!!!

    20.07.2017 0