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Live Chat 3 14.06.2017 2311 Feedback Status: Closed Solution: Yes PeopleInside


I want report to you some important issue with this chat software.

First... I test in Firefox and if I AM the visitor, I start a chat than when operator send to me a message no sound are played. I do not like this, I do not like when I AM chatting as visitor and chats doesn't support sound.

If you think that sound is disturbing the visitor you have to insert a sound option in the widget so disturbed visitor can turn message sound off but it's very important that every operator or system message in the chat play as default a sound. Visitor can change Browser tab, Minimize the window during the waiting time or during a chat.

Until this chat never support this is not really a good solution for me and I AM not suggesting to stress the visitor, I AM suggesting to support sound as default but let the visitor choose to turn off.

The second issue is that in my Firefox visitor test if I AM on another tab chat sound are played only if I open again the tab where the chat is... so this is not good.

1. I start a chat than as I AM waiting I change my browser tab. No sound will alert me when the operator join, just if I go back to the tab with the chat sound is played.

I think is not good also have push browser notification for the visitor side. The alert window of permission is very stressful. Push browser notification should be enabled only for the operators... visitor are someone that are temporary in and receve a request permission on the browser is not nice.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    thank you very much for your suggestions.

    All have been fixed and implemented with the upcoming release. Thanks again for your great input and stay tuned for the next release.

    Have a great day.

    15.06.2017 1
  • avatar PeopleInside

    Thank you Jerome so for now in the demo is not already avaiable but what version will be fixed? Next 3.1?

    Your live chat widget on Jakweb is very nice, you can think to made some animated widget (image) as you have in the website, amazing. Only in the mobile maybe is too much big :) but nice. :)

    15.06.2017 1
  • avatar Jerome

    The demo is still on 3.0.5, it will be updated as soon the new version is out 3.1.

    The animated graphic is no problem on mobile either, it is only 7kb.

    15.06.2017 1
  • avatar PeopleInside

    Hi Jerome, how are you?

    I just want inform that the new version 3.1 still not fully working for me. Is little bit better maybe in operator side but in the visitor side, with Firefox, I AM trying the demo and:

    No sound when a message is sent from operator to visitor, no sound for knok know until you do not open the tab where the visitor chat is. If the visitor is in another tab or window will not hear any knock knock so... knock knock never help you to request attention of the visitor.

    You are send a browser message that maybe is stopping the sound to work.

    So still see sound issue on your last 3.1 chat, sorry... sound is very important in a chat, for me.

    Also I want to made a suggestion for the widget: you can made it more responsive... infact if you try to reduce the window high the widget is covered see:



    Maybe you can set css overflow set to automatic.

    17.06.2017 1
  • avatar PeopleInside

    In Chrome I AM able to reproduce no message sound on visitor side. Just start a chat and the sound of the new chat are played on the operator side, acept the chat on operator side, write hello to visitor and no sound are played.

    Knock Knock work better if you are on Chrome but is little bit invasive, I do not like that it force open of the chat tab... and Firefox doesn't alow this so is not working on Firefox.

    Is better just a sound is played but the sound is played only when you open the tab, is not working if you are on another tab.

    Sound are working well now in pro active also if you are on another tab and seems work well in operator side to notify a new chat.

    I do not like that the sound is played just for the first message of the operator or visitor and will play again only if other person has replied. Example:

    Operator write a message, a sound is played in visitor side. No reply from visitor, operator write another new message, no sound is played.

    I just want report all this things I found. I think is not good :) this is the reason why for now this solution seems not fit my chat needs also if I AM not into business.

    LiveChat 3 and all your software are amazing but sound is not working well for me also in version 3.1 also knock knock is not nice... in Chrome is invasive as force the tab to be on first view. I think is better only play sound, in Firefox fortunatly seems you are not alowed to open the live chat tab so... in Firefox no sound are played on knock knock as the request is blocked by Firefox.

    18.06.2017 1
  • avatar PeopleInside

    If you open a new incognito windows here: you will se the box to digit nik but if I digit the nick seems the text is not showed. You can start a chat and you will havge the nick you digit but in the box before press Enter chat, you can digit and nothing is showed in Firefox but also in Chrome. Maybe is the color of text who is balnk same as the field. Suggest to change in the demo the default text color or seems to be a bug when is not... just a wrong settings.

    18.06.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much for your tickets. We have tested the sounds on all major browsers and operating systems and had no problems at all, even in tabs and hidden always have a sound.

    All the sounds are played equally so it is very unlikely that it works for some and not works for other. Please when you test always use two browsers one for the client and one for the operator. 

    Please also note we only play one sound on the first new message for the visitor side, when he replies and moves away from the chat it will play a sound again. Otherwise it is super annoying for the customer to hear 5 alerts in seconds when an operator sends multiple messages.

    But of course we will keep an eye on it and maybe put in an option so it plays a sound for each message from the operator side.

    Group Chat Nickname colour bug confirmed, because the font and background is white it won't show. Fixed on the demo and on the download package.

    Have a great Sunday.

    18.06.2017 0
  • avatar PeopleInside

    Thank you Jerome,
    I made the test again with a clean browser incognito mode... on Firefox and I can confirm that

    • Knock Knock is not working well in Firefox as it show just an alert box that block any sound. Any sound will be done only after this message box (you have to click on ok in the message box)
    • I tested to send some message from operator side like 4 / 5 word than I deleted a word and was not deleted in the visitor side than I pressed again the trash icon for undone the delete and delete again and the word was deleted with also another word that weas not deleted in the admin side. Seems also with the chat deletions of words there are issues.
    • Seems also there are visual issue: (screen: )

    See this screenshot also:

    Do you see that in the operator side is showed row was deleted but in visitor side (where there are also graphic issue) the row is showed to the visitor. If you press delete than you resume you can create this issue.

    So finally I found graphical issue, sound issue (seems sound are not always played also on the operator side to alert of new chats) but here I do not know exact steps for reproduce.. one time sound work other time not.

    This screen is from two different Firefox browser, operator side on the left and visitor side on the right

    Message deleted or showed in operator side are not the same in the visitor side.

    Screenshot where the graphic was corrupted was maybe because the browser was the same, only different tab. I AM unable to replicate the graphic issue in two different browser but as you can see I was able to take the graphic issue screenshot.

    I AM reporting all this just for help you to have the best software ever :)

    18.06.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much we appriciate your feedback very much.

    We will of course make any improvements possible.

    Have a great day.

    18.06.2017 0
  • avatar PeopleInside

    A greet sunday to you and great week Jerome <3 much of love and wonderful things ;)

    18.06.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    All the bugs and features have been implemented in Live Chat 3 - Version 3.1.1. It will be available in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again for your suggestions and have a great week.

    *** Ticket closed ***

    27.06.2017 0