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CMS 18.03.2017 2448 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

CMS 2.3.1 - problem with install.

$jakdb->query("INSERT INTO ".DB_PREFIX."pages VALUES

missing value for 'usestyling'

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much for your report. However CMS 2.3.2 is available since a couple of days which has fixed this issue already.

    Best regards

    18.03.2017 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    What is it UseStyling?

    Not work in template of frontend? In page.php is value


    But this value isn't in frontend template.

    18.03.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    There is no effect for the available templates. It is used on our site with our custom made Bootstrap 4 template.

    18.03.2017 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    OK, thanks.

    19.03.2017 0