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session expires in the backend

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Hello, is there a way I can extend or eliminate the session expire in the backend? The problem is: When an operator logs into de Backend and there is no one to attend it reamins open waiting for someone, but if there is no activity the session closes and the operator does not realise he is not online for attend!

Can we change that?


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  • avatar Jerome

    Helpdesk does refresh the session every 60 seconds to prevent this.

    If the session still expires it could have following reasons:

    • sessions not configured properly
    • connection to the server times out
    • server does not respond

    To check what is wrong you can ping your server from the desktop you connect to it and see how many lost packages you get over 10 minutes for example. Contact your host to make sure everything is correct with your sessions.

    Use the the time table to stay online so you don't have to be connected all the times (saves a lot of bandwith and server power). Each operator can setup their online time, get notified by email, push notifications or text messages. That way you can logout as soon a customer needs your attention (within the set online time) you will get notified.

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