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Can not disconnect.

Live Chat 3 17.02.2017 2009 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes tpilant

Can not disconnect user in console - no option to do so. Person chatting can not exit the chat session. When I logout of software, chat window still shows as operator online, can not go offline in console. Clearesd cookiess resatrted browser and even I am not in software it shows as being online.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your ticket, have you set your yourself online in your user profile?

    For me it looks like you have used the timetable?

    17.02.2017 0
  • avatar tpilant

    Ok that makes sense. may also explain my not getting notifications. But why could I or my guest not disconnect, perhaps I need to set something. Guest kept trying to end session but kept getting the chat session did not go to feed back. Some screenshots or descriptions of to set things up would sure help.

    17.02.2017 0
  • avatar Jerome

    We will stick to one ticket as it is the same as the other.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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