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CMS 1.5.1 - Blog bug 1

CMS 05.12.2015 2397 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

Hi Jerome,

Template system for plugin is good idea but will need to make some changes.

Now I testing Blog plugin and in template system I can't use for example 'blogsidebar.php'.

Blogsidebar.php is important for its own template. Other files in 'blog/template' are important too. So If I need some file, I need to edit it directly. This probably is not a good solution.

Any new ideas?

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  • avatar Jerome

    There is no other option then adapting your styleseheet to the code of the blogsidebar.php. The reason is because the sidebar can be linked on various sites to display the categories and because it only contains a simple list which other elements using it as well it should be global.

    That's all for the blogsidebar.php and can be found it in all plugins and other template sections, to keep it simple we think it should be global.

    06.12.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Thanks solutions through css occurred to me.

    It is good idea too.laughing

    06.12.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Sorry for so many questions, but I'm really interested in your CMS. Here in the Czech Republic, there are very few such systems. And I do not like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

    06.12.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    No problem at all, it helps us as well.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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