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CMS 04.12.2015 3100 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

Hi Jerome,

I have other questions.


In the blog I do not want to use the time display in your format e.g. '5 days ago' but I want to show the normal date and time '21.11.2015  - 20:04'. How do I do it?

It can add editing time for the blog article in admin panel?

Many thanks.

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  • avatar Jerome


    The time will only converted the first 10 days after that it will show the dateformat you have set in the blog settings.

    If you like to change that you need to open the class/class.jakbase.php and find:

    if ($since < 900000) {

    replace with:

    if ($since < 10) {

    That will only do the first 10 seconds, you can also use 1 for one second but not 0!

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  • avatar Jerome

    Fixed in CMS 1.5.1, available through auto updater only.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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