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Live Chat - Option to Load CSS and JS from widget

Live Chat 13.12.2016 2227 Feedback Status: Open Solution: No dannya


What do you think about adding an option to offload CSS and JS to the website the widget is on.

This way I could control how many css files are loading on the website the widget is on.

Plus, I use Bootstrap on my website and the widget is loading its own bootstrap css files. So, now I have to 2 BS css files loading from my site.

Let me know what you think.

Also, Im looking forward to the next update.


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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your ticket.

    That would not be easy because the widget can be placed on all websites. The widget itself does not require any external frameworks neither for the style nor for the Javascript (if we talk about Live Chat 3).

    The idea is nice, I'm a big fan of loading only the minimum but that is definitely not an easy task.

    Live Chat 3 has just been released, the next update will fix a few issues and it is called 3.0.1. It will be available soon.


    13.12.2016 0
  • avatar dannya

    Same here. Im really big into loading as little as possible.

    Ill test out the new update. Thanks

    13.12.2016 0