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CMS 29.11.2015 2629 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

Hi jerome,

I have new breadcrumb in this style:

Home / Blog

My question is : How can I add links to Home?

Now I have in header.php

<a href="<?php echo BASE_URL;?>">Home</a>

It is possible generate name of link (HOME) from mysql. I know that 'Home' page have 'id' number 1. It is possible name of home page from mysql by id?

Or exist some other solution how can I put name of home page?

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  • avatar Jerome


    Home does not have always ID 1, it depends what is first in the category manager.

    You don't need a sql query you can use the class categories or the array jakcategories, you will find it in the index.php also how to get the first one. Can't help you more at the moment because I'm out of the office.

    29.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Perfect :-)

    Only very very small correction. Many thanks.

    <?php foreach($jakcategories as $ca) if ($ca['catorder'] == 1 && $ca['showmenu'] == 1) { echo '<a href="'.BASE_URL.'">'.$ca["name"].'</a>';}?>

    missing character " at the end

    <a href="'.BASE_URL.'">
    30.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for the correction.

    *** Ticket closed ***

    01.12.2015 0