Support Tickets - HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

HelpDesk 10.11.2016 2306 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

Hi, I updated from HelpDesk 1.8.x to 1.9 using the auto updater. I also edited the db.php accordingly and made an htaccess file.

Today I wanted to change the text on a page, and I navigated to /operator/index.php?p=webtext&sp=newticket

The textarea was not displaying. I checked with inspector, and the textarea is hidden with inline CSS.

The same issue are at the front page where users can submit a new ticket.

The common denominator for this is that it always is the textarea, and where the ID is jakeditor. I found that TinyMCE is not loading .

Looking deeper into the inspector I found that I missed a file:

The solution was to:

1) go to TinyMCE's language download archive:

2) Then download and unzip my language file

3) Upload the lang file in

4) Rename the file to whatever was my language files (ini's) name here:

This may apply to others, so just want to send the solution here.

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  • avatar Jerome

    If you use a language that does not exist in HelpDesk you will need to download the language file from tinyMCE.

    You can send us your translation and we will include your language pack within the next release.

    Best regards

    10.11.2016 0