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Live Chat 14.10.2016 2247 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes kiltkittens

In the chat window when a client exits out, it has "Email (Optional)"

How do I remove the optional text?

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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    Please open following templates:

    • template/pop_up/feedback.php
    • template/slide_up/feedback.php

    Find and remove:


    Awaiting your feedback.

    14.10.2016 0
  • avatar kiltkittens

    I noticed there was a 2.6 update so I was trying to install first before removing this. However, I only show the 2.5.1 update in the program, which I did. I have the 2.6 update files on my computer desktop that I downloaded from your site. I unzipped the files. What do I need to do now to change to the 2.6 update?

    15.10.2016 0
  • avatar kiltkittens

    I have been able to update to 2.6 now.

    15.10.2016 0
  • avatar kiltkittens

    You can close

    15.10.2016 0