Support Tickets - How to make the button look like the demo?

How to make the button look like the demo?

Live Chat 08.10.2016 2130 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes rodrix

I just purchased and need the live chat be accessible ASAP.

However I cannot make it look like the front end demo.
Could you please assist in setting the right options when creating the button?

The livechat app is installed on

Thank you!

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your purchase and thank you for opening a support ticket with us.

    Please go to your operator panel - settings - buttons and start the wizard.

    • Select department or all
    • Select Operator or all
    • Select langauge
    • Select Slide Up
    • Select Different Domain
    • Select if you need jQuery
    • Select Slide Up Right
    • Select Show Image

    Copy and paste the provided code into your website footer right before the closing body tag.

    Awaiting your feedback.

    08.10.2016 0
  • avatar rodrix

    Wht select diferent domain if I am hosting the chat on a sub domain?

    How I can get the same image you have at the demo? It's not available.


    08.10.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Because sub domain and main domain are two different domains and therefore it needs cross site option. When your website is also installed on the same subdomain you can use same domain, otherwise use different domain, please. The image is the same as on the demo page, there is a offline and online image stored in the img folder.

    08.10.2016 0
  • avatar rodrix

    Sorry but you are not being clear. Do I need to upload a new image or copy the image from your demo site?

    08.10.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    The image is already within the package, so you have to select Show Image when creating the embed code.

    08.10.2016 0