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Confused Client Register

HelpDesk 21.09.2016 2240 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Trukn4fun

Hi, I just set up my board, and I love it - but when I register as a user

I can't find away to start a new ticket??

I must have missed something in the setup ?? can

you please point me in the correct direction?

Thanks in advance


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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for opening a support ticket with us.

    When a client register he will be assigned to the web project you set in the settings. Should that web project not have any support access the client won't have it either.

    The other option is right below the web project setting Guest support access if that is set to No, the new client won't have access either, you will need to give him access after he registered in the operator panel - clients.

    Hope it is clear now.

    Best regards

    21.09.2016 0
  • avatar Trukn4fun

    Thank You I think its very clear now -

    Also I have a querstion in regards to the extended license?

    I have some members who use my services and I would like to install

    your script in sub-dfirectories for them -

    What are your terms for extended licesnses??



    22.09.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    With our extended license you can do that, important is that the license stays with you and you do not give access to codes and or files.

    Unlimited license holder can install as many instances they like for they customers. You cannot sell your license and you cannot resell licenses on a web based platform. The code and product is licensed to you only and cannot give away to any third party.

    22.09.2016 0
  • avatar Trukn4fun

    Thanks, Thats What I Thought, I will proceed

    Its an Awesome script - by the way ;-)


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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much for the feedback.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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