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Live Chat 20.09.2016 2239 Bug Report Status: Closed Solution: Yes mark_doyle

Hi Jerome,

I have come across a few items that do not seem to be functioning correctly.

When I select No for - Open operator private chat in a PopUp window? you can still open in a PopUp window

When I select No for - Redirect to Contact Form (if busy or no answer) the contact form still gets displayed when I am Offline

When I select No for - Feedback the feedback form gets shown when I end the conversation from the operator panel

ProActive chats - When the modal window comes up the options to chat or not chat do not function and you cannot remove the modal box

Kind regards.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Good Morning,

    Operator private chat is not the public chat on the right uper corner on the dashboard that is the operator public chat and is not effected by this settings. The operator private chat is opened on the operator online list on the lower right in the dashboard by clicking on the operator itself.

    Redirect to contact form: That means if a client comes online (operator needs to be online) and no one picks up the chat the client will be redirected after x minutes to the contact form or the url set below in the settings. If you don't want to show the contact form when you offline you need to select this option when creating the embed code.

    Feedback form is only shown when the operator closes the sessions, otherwise the client does not know what is going on and will be stranded in the chat (not nice). When the client ends the chat no feedback form is shown.

    ProActive window can be closed we have just tested in on various websites and setups, please send me operator login and URL (where you have placed the client chat) details via following form:

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