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CMS 22.11.2015 2819 Feedback Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

Hi Jerome,

Last question for today and Good night.

If I create new page, so I have 'Name' and 'Url' items.

I add in 'Name' this

Systémová anténní řešení

and in URL I have this


This isn't SEO friendly.

I have from Czech Republic and I have a problem with the following characteristics:


Can you please create a fix?

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  • avatar Jerome

    Just add your own seo optimised url, you can set your own url text. Special symbols should not be used in URL's therefore the system filters it out.

    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    I added own seo optimised url, but I have problem in

    meta keywords

    other problem is in e.g. Blog Title

    See you

    right name of page is

    This character isn't special


    it is normal character in my language.

    It would be useful to convert

    FROM ěščřžýáíé   TO escrzyaie

    Create the same as for the conversion of the German language.

    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Your system convert germany character to SEO

    Ö -> OE

    Ä -> AE

    Ü -> UE

    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Just preview for better understanding

    Row 33 , convert Latin character

    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    // Latin

    'á' => 'a'

    'é' => 'e'

    'í' => 'i'

    'ý' => 'y'

    'ó' => 'o'

    'ú' => 'u'

    // Czech

    'č' => 'c'

    'ď' => 'd'

    'ě' => 'e'

    'ň' => 'n'

    'ř' => 'r'

    'š' => 's'

    'ť' => 't'

    'ů' => 'u'

    'ž' => 'z'


    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Same problem is for French, Espanol ..

    22.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much for your report, we will provide a solution within 1.4.2.

    23.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    We have published version 1.4.2 which contains all bug fixes reported.

    Thank you.

    23.11.2015 0
  • avatar bluesatkv

    Hi Jerome, perfect works. Many thanks. Please close ticket.

    23.11.2015 0