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HTTPS dont work

HelpDesk 01.09.2016 2332 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes kent

We try to change from http to https, and the application wont respond when called to with https (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). Do you guys have any suggestion what might be wrong? (the settings is changed to use https)

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  • avatar Maria

    Thank you for opening a support ticket with us.

    When using https you might want to update your embed code as well if the path is not relative, otherwise you run in a cross domain issue.

    You also have a valid SSL certificate?

    01.09.2016 0
  • avatar kent

    Yes we have a valid ssl cert.

    Found the problem, it was an image in the theme that caused a cross domain problem.

    02.09.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for the feedback.

    *** Ticket closed ***

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