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Live Chat 14.08.2016 2414 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes kiltkittens

Hello. I was trying to edit the schedule in Live Chat and trying to create a schedule that was always available but somehow clicked off all days/hours and now I cannot see a schedule at all..

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  • avatar Maria

    Please go to the profile and just save again, the schedule should be back.

    14.08.2016 0
  • avatar kiltkittens

    I tried that. This shows, but no option to click into or change anything:

    The chart is gone

    Days/Hours Available

    Online days/hours, if you are available the whole day just use the first two, should you have a lunch break inbetween select with all four.

    14.08.2016 0
  • avatar Maria

    We can't reproduce this issue, we have tried with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera and it works all the time. Please try empty your browser cache, use another browser or go to your MySQL database and set the field "hours_array" back to NULL.

    Careful with sql commands.

    UPDATE lc_users SET hours_array = NULL;

    Best regards

    15.08.2016 0
  • avatar kiltkittens

    Had to reinstall software and scheduling is back on

    17.08.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    I will close this ticket, please proceed with your other one:

    17.08.2016 0