Support Tickets - How does email fetch work? Cron etc

How does email fetch work? Cron etc

HelpDesk 04.07.2016 2300 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

Hi, I have updated to Helpdesk 1.6 and try out the fetch email solution. That is a must wanted solution, so thumbs up!

I have entered the correct info, thus unsure about how set ports etc (for ssl etc). I miss a button to test the connetction.

However, what is the trigger to fetch email? Is that a cron, and a special one or the sentral one?

I have read the FAQ and the blog post for the release, but haven't fully understood this. :-)

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for your support ticket.

    Well there is no general answer for your questions because every server handles the logins differently. It really depends what email account you want to fetch and where and how it is hosted.

    How to setup a cronjob should be explained within your control panel, here are few links.

    Cron Job in Virtualmin

    Cron Job in cPanel

    Cron Job in DirectAdmin

    You will not need a test button, because if it does not work you will get an email with all the details why it did not work.

    Please follow this steps:

    1. Enter the information to connect to your email account with IMAP.
    2. Go to your browser and enter following url: your_helpdesk_path/email.php
    3. You will get a blank page, if everything is OK, you won't receive an email with the error message and if there are any unread emails in the account you want to fetch then you will have tickets now in your HelpDesk.

    As you might understand the information you have to enter we don't know, but it will be easy to find out with your host.

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  • avatar goldstrikn


    What would be the url to ping to trigger the fetching?

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  • avatar Jerome

    Go to your browser and enter following url: your_helpdesk_path/email.php

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  • avatar goldstrikn

    Another question.

    If I currently running pipe, how to disable it from the backend of helpdesk?

    I would only enable imap fetch, but disable pipe.

    Also, if you have the settings to disable pipe to ticket, then will it still create a ticket regardless? I say that because fetching emails from imap, will create a ticket. I hope you know what I mean.

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  • avatar Jerome

    To disable piping, you will need to login to your server control panel and remove the email to pipe (PHP script) feature. Then login to your operator panel as a super operator and go to settings - tickets and remove the piping email from there.

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  • avatar goldstrikn

    Thanks for your quick answers. The question in regards to email to pipe, was not clear to me, or not answered.

    Currently, if a visitor uses their email client to create a ticket it will be created. The trouble I had in the past, was that even though I disabled pipe to ticket, sometimes I got a ticket created from just an unwanted email.

    Can this imap fetch function, take into account to not create tickets from unrelated emails? How would the email.php file suppose to know? What I'm trying to avoid are two things. One, create a ticket from an unwanted email coming directly from customer's email client. Two, disable pipe to ticket, or an actual support email request that turns into a ticket, it's kind of the same thing as point One.

    I hope you know what I mean and that is clear.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Hi, when you setup email to pipe you have to do that in your server control panel where your email addresses are hosted. You will need to remove that redirect from the email account you use for piping in the email control panel. So far that has nothing to do with HelpDesk.

    After removing the Email to Pipe (feed to program) forwarding you will need to login into your HelpDesk Operator panel and go to settings - tickets and remove this certain email address from the piping email field.

    piping helpdesk

    With both email piping and the new php imap feature you can filter emails the following way:

    • Black list certain email addresses in your operator panel
    • Only allow emails from clients that are already available in your HelpDesk client database

    The spam filtering should be done by your email provider.

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