Support Tickets - Form when no operator live: Create a ticket?

Form when no operator live: Create a ticket?

Live Chat 25.06.2016 2222 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Netthandel

I would like to have the form that is shown in the "No operator live"-chat window to submit a ticket. Not send me an email.

Is that possible today?

I didn't find the instructions for that.

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  • avatar Maria

    Thank you for opening a ticket with us.

    That is not possible at the moment, we will discuss it internally if that makes sense to build this feature in because the ticket has already a form and a the chat is somehow a different section anyway.

    You can create a ticket from any chat conversation within your operator panel but not from the contact form.

    Thank you.

    25.06.2016 0
  • avatar Netthandel

    Here are my 2 cents:
    I have been using helpdesk software and chat systems since 2009 for my software. So I am no beginner. :-)

    The last years I have used the combination of LiveHelperChat and WHMCS. When an operator is not online, I have had a form that submitted a ticket. The customer got a message from the WHMCS that a ticket was submitted, and I could answer when I had the chance.

    My customers like it.

    Here is an idea for making it work and become very flexible:

    1) In the operator/index.php?p=buttons
    Add a field for "Show your own HTML when nobody is online" ($ownhtml)

    2) In the chat window
    Make an if statement: If !$ownhtml then show form, else show $ownhtml

    Should be a simple fix, and gives a lot of freedom to do whatever we like ;-)

    25.06.2016 0
  • avatar Maria

    I totally agree with you but Live Chat and Support tickets are two different things?

    Now in your settings under live chat you can turn off the contact form for the client dashboard. When turned off nothing will be shown (from the chat) so your clients won't have the possibility to send a message via the contact form.

    The support ticket will still be shown as usual.

    Hope that is what you are looking for?!

    25.06.2016 0
  • avatar Netthandel

    By doing it the way I have done, you bind the two together. It becomes a premium solution.

    If I show a regular form, it sends me an email, and it easily gets lost in my massive inbox - and is not answered.

    By adding that "email" to a ticket, it shows in the follow up screen in the helpdesk - and it is guaranteed answered.

    It works excellent. And the customer does not need to look elsewhere. It is all served directly in the same place on my website. The customer gets support, either live or later.

    25.06.2016 0