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HelpDesk 08.06.2016 2387 Feedback Status: Closed Solution: Yes goldstrikn

Hi team,

I would like to know what will the imap do for helpdesk. I would like to see the benefits of it. Can that replace pipe if used solely for the purpose of creating a ticket from it?

Let me know.


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  • avatar Jerome

    That is correct, IMAP/POP (better to use IMAP), will fetch any email accounts (multiple) when IMAP ready into HelpDesk. That means you are not limited to use email accounts running on the same server, it could be a Gmail address for example.

    It is also possible to have more then one email account checked. To make it work your server will need php_imap extension installed and you will need one access to Cron jobs.

    08.06.2016 0
  • avatar goldstrikn

    Thanks for the answer. I think that solution will be my answer to pipe issues I'm currently facing.

    08.06.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    For more information about the new PHP IMAP feature within HelpDesk: PHP IMAP Fetch Emails

    30.06.2016 0