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SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host

Live Chat 27.05.2016 2350 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes dzapata

Hi, I just installed Live Chat Business and I am not receiveing emails from the offline contact form. Tried using either Mail() or SMTP. If I use SMTP after a few seconds I receive the error: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. With Mail() it says it is working but I dont receive the messages. Any suggestions?

Best regards, David

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  • avatar Jerome

    Hi David,

    When you use mail and the test email is working but you not receive any emails please contact your host. On some hosts you have to use the email hosted on the same system.

    SMTP, please check following FAQ article:

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  • avatar dzapata

    Thanks for replying Jerome. We usually prefer using SMTP because it doesn't get flagged as spam so often. I tried using Sendgrid, which we use on other software on the same server but it doesn't work. Also tried with a Gmail account with the specifications listed on the link you sent but still receive the same error.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Please make sure you use the same email address as the main email address when using SMTP.

    It can only be a configuration error. Make sure you host has the port open.

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