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HelpDesk 15.04.2016 2405 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes pharill

Figured I better ask my question here, since it's gone unanswered for over day (which was rare) I now assume one should not post questions on the Blog section of the site. Anyways....

Here was my question/statement/issue:

New client still not receiving email when created by admin operator? are you showing this as well?

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  • avatar pharill

    Disregard...seems like maybe I must have overlooked the Send Information check box.

    It worked for me just now.

    But my next question is, where do I go to change that email the new client receives when admin makes their account?

    15.04.2016 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Hi Pharill,

    Support always via support tickets and not in the comment section from a blog article.

    The email address is the same text as when he sign up on the front end, you can change that under settings - front text - register message email.

    15.04.2016 0