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Live Chat 28.10.2015 7025 Support Status: Closed Solution: No Nad84jia

Hello Sir jerome
-I would like to show you some problem in the live chat
01- I have the same problem as this position:
02-the operators (super admin) her all the time offline and unable to put us online.
03-when you want to send conversation history, it does not work including sending form by visitors.(offline message)...:

I can give you all acces juste help  me please ....

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  • avatar Jerome

    Please provide me url where live chat business have been installed and the url where you have placed the client button.

    28.10.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    yes :
    our website :

    the code it's placed on all pages of website :
    Folder and url where I install live chat:

    operator link:

    28.10.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Ok, following problems.

    You have added all three Stylesheets:

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /><link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /><link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

    You need to choose one. Plus you have chosen the false one, because your button is not slide up it is pop up, so you need to include only the stylesheet for pop up.

    It says in your operator panel:

    For the chat you also need to include one stylesheet file see below between the head tags on your website.

    Second you have the jQuery library twice, it only should be included once. Your website jQuery is 1.3.2, that is so old we do not support such old versions, please make sure it is at least 1.8.3 or higher.

    Be careful with mixing www. and none www. because these are two different domains. So when you setup the chat with but calling the website only with the chat won't work (or you have to use cross site option).

    Hope that helps you to understand how it works.

    28.10.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    okay, I'll see all your comments, and I give you back soon

    Thank you so much

    28.10.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    Hello Dear ;

    I saw the problem of jquery and I replace the old content with the new version
    I understand the principle and I got the model I wanted

    but the problem of email, persists and I do not know how
    my team doir tecevoir chat history, like that each involve sending an email.

    so I'm still in offline mode

    I just want to receive the email is the largest prioriter, after for the rest I just find solutions :(

    juste email

    best reagrd;

    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome


    now all works except for the emails?

    If so what email option do you use? PHP Mail or SMTP?

    Please check your settings.

    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    hello ,
    no but email is urgent very importante then other pb

    so, I use php mail, like your esplication
    but same probleme , can you connecte in my admin interface and look if everything goes well ? juste one time ?

    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Sure I can, but probably Mail is not setup correctly with your host. You can send me all details with following form:


    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for the access, I have updated your chat to the latest version 1.3.3.

    I can connect and the back end is running fine so far, the Mail() does not work, I would need access to your server error logs to determine what is wrong. But I think there is a miss confugaration on your server.

    Could I also have FTP access to check file permission, please. You can use the same form:

    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    hello thank you for you dear !

    I juste take a look of error log and all the files are empty, and we don't have accees to ftp , just on hosting interface
    but I downald the Accees logs, I can send contains a lot of data, contrary to other files (errors logs)

    I will send a form access

    31.10.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Good morning,

    Could I have SQL access, please or best is complete control panel access to figure out what is going on.

    I have created a button within your directory and the user online list did not work, when I swapped to show all department it worked fine (you have selected all three with your account which is all), I will find a solution for that issue on our side.


    01.11.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    Good morning, and Thank you so much
    Sir Jerome, I create acceesfor you, to control panel, where can I give you accee ?


    01.11.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    hello !!!

    the probleme of email it's ok !!! thank you so so much you are the best jerome ! :)

    now juste explaine me the probleme of jqury ,on my index page my slider don't work when I incert code for chat live

    where I have 2 same fils ? of JQury

    thank you so much :)

    01.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Important is that you only include one jQuery and it has to be greater or equal version 1.8.3.

    01.11.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    aha ok
    thank you , I will try to do it


    02.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    Everything ok?

    05.11.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    Hello ,
    Not Everything.....:)
    I have somme pb for exemple:

    when I want to attract the visitor's attention with a message pop up, it is not visible.

    This morning, still the problem of email, no reception.

    this the paramount problems that destabilizes me, the rest I find some solution without disturbing you.

    Thank you Jerome

    09.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    There is still so much wrong with your website it plus your websever does not run the php file it will download it.

    Still two jQuery libraries included, it won't work that way. Over 10 Javascript errors on the start page will prevent anything below to work as it should. All the errors come from your website, please fix it and Live chat will work as expected.

    Best regards

    09.11.2015 0
  • avatar Nad84jia

    yes dear, I sorry
    My godady form mailer it's give me furst time a gdform.php after, I have a new php file webformmailer.php

    gdform.php code;

    $request_method = $_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"];
    if($request_method == "GET"){
    $query_vars = $_GET;
    } elseif ($request_method == "POST"){
    $query_vars = $_POST;
    $t = date("U");

    $file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/../data/gdform_" . $t;
    $fp = fopen($file,"w");
    while (list ($key, $val) = each ($query_vars)) {
    fputs($fp,"<GDFORM_VARIABLE NAME=$key START>\n");
    fputs($fp,"<GDFORM_VARIABLE NAME=$key END>\n");
    if ($key == "redirect") { $landing_page = $val;}
    if ($landing_page != ""){
    header("Location: http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]."/$landing_page");
    } else {
    header("Location: http://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]."/");

    10.11.2015 0
  • avatar Jerome

    I don't understand, that code you posted is not part of live chat.

    Please tell me the problem you have?

    Thank you.

    12.11.2015 0