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ID: 31 Status: Closed

Image / Filemanager sub folder

Hello Jerome,Not Work:

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ID: 30 Status: Closed

HelpDesk file and imagemanager path.

Hello,New problem:

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ID: 28 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - new category manager

Hi Jerome.I tested your new version CMS 1.4 and I found maybe small bug. New category manage not ...

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ID: 26 Status: Closed

Does not send message to the online user

Hello, good morning.I found that there is a small Bug. When the user is online and clicking the ...

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ID: 24 Status: Closed

Quick Chat Message not saved.

Hello,Error:In the live chat, the first message sent by the client does not appearto the operator, ...

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ID: 12 Status: Closed

Business Chat WP Gravity Forms

The chat script in the footer of WordPress sites breaks Gravity Forms on mobile devices. Gravity ...

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ID: 8 Status: Closed

Avarats issue

I have a bug report and a question.1. I described it in the screenshot ...

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ID: 5 Status: Closed

Upload file client side

A bug has been reported that uploading files for the client side won't work. This bug has been ...

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ID: 1 Status: Closed

Forgot Password

The forgot password function in Light, Business and Websocket is not working when used with other ...

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