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ID: 431 Status: Closed

CSS Conflict

Just an FYI...In my main css I had the following lines./* * animation helper */.animated{ ...

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ID: 430 Status: Closed

CMS 2.2.1 - Plugin Newsletter

Hi Jerome,Plugin Newsletter -> Edit Newsletter -> View in Browser not work.CMS revert 404 page

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ID: 410 Status: Closed


Hi Jerome,I have come across a few items that do not seem to be functioning correctly.When I select ...

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ID: 348 Status: Closed

Images on ticket not being displayed for admin

Hi,Images are not being displayed on tickets to admins but they are being displayed to ...

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ID: 334 Status: Closed

Contact history unsaved data

Hello Jérôme, unfortunately the dates of historical contact and chat are not ...

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ID: 330 Status: Closed

Error when running /email.php

I run the /email.php (HelpDesk 1.6)Got a php arror: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in ...

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ID: 318 Status: Closed

Google Map API error

I've installed HelpDesk and in the Live Chat area (admin) I do not see the Google Map. I get ...

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ID: 315 Status: Closed

HelpDesk bug in new tickets

Just a little bug when a user log in to see his/ her ticket, and have had no response yet. The date ...

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ID: 291 Status: Closed

Updated date and time bug in tickets

Hi,When tickets are created (manually or through email piping) the updated time is null so it's ...

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