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ID: 947 Status: Closed

Sorting tickets does not work

In HelpDesk 3 the four ticket status buttons in the top doesn't work. Clicking on Open tickets or ...

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ID: 939 Status: Closed

How to choose department in chat?

You told me to choose the appropriate department in the chat when trying to contact you. I have ...

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ID: 938 Status: Closed

Upgrade from Helpdesk 3 Gold from Silver

How do I upgrade from Silver til Gold HelpDesk 3?I installed the Silver when it came, and want to ...

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ID: 930 Status: Closed

Chat Widget on Mobile

Regarding the chat widget on mobile devices - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - opening a chat session in a ...

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ID: 925 Status: Closed

Try to upgrade, but price is not rights

I tried to upgrade from HelpDesk 2 to 3, but when choosing Upgrade at $59 it stil adds $178 to the ...

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ID: 923 Status: Closed

Bugs and questions for Help Desk3

We have installed HelpDesk 3 here: Https://support.motionrc.comWe have been testing for 3 hours ...

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ID: 922 Status: Closed

Help Desk 3

Hi JeromeCustomers who use Help Desk 2.02 are not entitled to update?Thanks

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