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ID: 936 Status: Closed

Support renewal

HelloPlease can you tell me if I am reading the rates set by you correctly.1) Renewal of support ...

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ID: 935 Status: Closed

Remove Copyright Link (copyright free license)

HelloMake no mistake this is no support request this is a license problem, I believe that each and ...

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ID: 871 Status: Open

Billing page

Hello there.  I think the dash board page is becomming a little to busy, would it be possible for ...

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ID: 870 Status: Open

Print how many operators ??

Good eveing,I have made this public since their maybe othewrs who would like to know this.On the ...

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ID: 856 Status: Closed

Support chat not working

HelloWhen a visitor clicks the support slide up button on my website and then fills in name ect and ...

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ID: 851 Status: Open

Feature request

Hi thereI would love to see the following features in Cloud Chat 3....1) The ability to set ...

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ID: 831 Status: Closed

Gateway addon

HelloAs a business it's great to be able to pay via credit / debit card or paypal, but as we grow I ...

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ID: 827 Status: Closed

Translate Dashboard Live Chat 3 en Cloud chat 3

Hi Jerome,When people login to my dashboard the front is english ...

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ID: 822 Status: Closed

Buttons and update service

HelloUnder buttons I can not select a button, is that right?And when I check for update it says ...

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